After graduating from New York University with a Bachelors in Economics, I developed experience in banking and e-commerce across New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. My interest in UX design stems from my experiences as an employee and business owner navigating the complex online systems governing international imports/exports and e-commerce.

My life as a travelling international expat gave me great appreciation for the wealth and diversity of culture, aesthetics and design across countries. It's often reflected in the things I create- from composing my own brand of fusion cuisine to developing ideas that are inspired by design solutions I've seen implemented in the many different cities I've had the pleasure to experience. Right now, I'm based in Toronto, Canada. I enjoy a good cup of coffee. I like the challenge of new experiences. Winter is the time of year I look forward to most- yes, even more than summer. I have a cat I adore, but I do not harbour any future cat lady ambitions (at the moment).

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